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Welcome to our page!

Hello friend !

You just landed on the official and updated website of AEGEE-Athina!

We do not know which good wind brings you to our page, but if you are under 30 and love volunteering and travel, you will definitely not regret it! Why? The answer is four words: European programs cultural exchanges!
But before you start being informed about all the opportunities we have to offer you, you may want to learn something more about us. We are a branch of the european organization AEGEE / European Students’ Forum which was founded in 1985.You can find a description, the fields of action, the goals and a little taste of AEGEE’s position in Europe in this link. If you want to know more about our branch, its members and its history, take a look here


If summer is approaching, skip all of the above and dive straight into the page of our Summer Universities, the organization’s most popular cultural exchange project!

To stay informed about our actions, please like our Facebook page and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter! We would love to meet you and answer any question you might have in one of our weekly informative meetings (check our Facebook page)! Otherwise contact us via Facebook or e-mail!

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