Get active locally!

How well do you think you  know Athens? … its culture, its people, its pulse? Athens was the bright capital of the ancient Greek world and still continues to evolve and change. Today Athens can be described as a cultural hub, a business spot, a regional political centre making it a contemporary cosmopolitan metropolis. Athens is still expanding, but keeping to its unique spirit. In the midst of this changing metropolis you can find AEGEE-Athina waiting to help you explore this ever-present greek capital and guide you through the different social, political & cultural issues of our era. From our regular weekly meetings and fun team-building activities to our more intellectual debates and events or our more social programs AEGEE-Athina is exploring the spirit of Athens in its every adaptation.

As a volunteering and democratic organization, AEGEE-Athina discusses and implements the ideas of its members and is open to suggestions. Which is your favourite spot in the city? What issue would you love to talk or hear about? Do you have a project that you want to implement in your local community? This organization welcomes and encourages your suggestions! 

If you have a crazy idea for an event and you are looking for people to help you co-organize, you are in the right place! Keep in mind that through our local events you can network with dozens of interesting people and organizations from the field of volunteering, culture, youth entrepreneurship and the best travel community of the city! Change comes if we act and participate and as a youth organization we are here to support you in your first steps into that new environment in order to foster change within you and around you. 

Local SU Coordination Team

AEGEE-Athina has been organizing almost annually one of the most popular Summer Universities of the Network! They usually last 15 days, take place sometime during the summer (after the exams) and the destinations include Athens and at least one or two more locations (e.g. Santorini in 2013 and 2014, Nafplio and Lefkada in 2012, Crete in 2019 etc.). They can be held in collaboration with a Working Group or a neighboring antenna (not necessarily a Greek one) and have a cultural or a theme based on the Focus Areas of AEGEE.

Each year around the end of December / beginning of January the Local SU Coordination Team is established, also known as the “Summer Team”, which undertakes the organization of the upcoming Summer University in every way. If you want to develop your skills in Project Management, Logistics, Fundraising or Non-Formal Education (among others) or at least you have the energy and enthusiasm to become a member of a team and be a volunteer in organizing an event that will be unforgettable for 30-40 foreigners, do not even think about it and let us know! Guide AEGEE friends to your hangouts, show them how students spend their nights in Athens and add international colour to your vacation! You won’t regret it!

Training Courses

If the weekly meetings and the Summer Team are not enough for you, you can participate or help in organizing many other local or European antenna events. These could be Local or Regional Training Courses (LTCs / RTCs, one-day interactive conferences where you will learn about the various projects of AEGEE and at the same time exercise your soft skills), “the Athenian” excursion for members of the antenna or some other cultural / fun / thematic event such as a Winter University, a training, a pre-Agora event or a theme party!