European events

How would you feel if you could travel cheaply for as many days as you want, to any city on the continent you want, with a group of peers from all over Europe? How would you feel if I told you that two weeks abroad at an AEGEE European event would cost you less than a three-day stay in Mykonos, Crete or Santorini? And yet!

AEGEE tries to give as many opportunities as possible to young Europeans,through trying to minimize the cost of attending the events and make them accessible to everyone! The organizers of every event are students and young people – like you, who want to guide you to the best parts of their city, to take you to the best clubs, to show you the best sights! Low cost does not mean low quality or idle time and activity cuts. The opposite in fact! The organizers take advantage of all kinds of subsidies and sponsorships from the public and private sector, often dropping the cost to 10-20 euros per day ! This price includes always ( accommodation , food , activities , transfers within the event) strong > except your personal and air travel expenses. Think about how much a meal on a Greek island or a night in a hotel would cost you if you traveled alone, do the math and see how much you lose!

Some events like the Summer Universities (Summer Universities) are more strictly institutionalized, and the cost is prohibited to exceed 11-14 euros per day . In other events that take place during the year the cost can be at the same or higher levels as long as it is sufficiently justified by the activities included in the program of the event. If an event is unreasonably expensive it will be not be recognized by the Network as an official event and it will not be posted on the database with upcoming AEGEE events .

In terms of content , AEGEE events are simply unbeatable. What makes us different from other youth organizations is that we emphasize primarily the cultural element . Just traveling abroad, meeting young people from different cultural backgrounds & amp; the rich communication between them contributes the most to the achievement of the goals of the organization! The majority of events are essentially cultural exchanges , which will give you high quality and strong emotions!

If you have never traveled abroad alone it is a good opportunity to experience your first “ European experience” ! Network with people from all over Europe, practice your English and communication skills, try flavors you didn’t even know existed and live a mini-Erasmus experience for a few days abroad that will be unforgettable!

In addition to cultural events, AEGEE organizes events with more specialized topics , either to improve your personal skills (eg Human Resources Schools, Trainings), or for you to be informed and active on current issues of AEGEE and Europe (Network Meetings), or to make decisions and vote for the course and future of the organization (eg Agorae, EBMs)!

You can always stay informed about all the upcoming AEGEE European events, from the informative mailing-list of AEGEE-Athina, the various posts on Our Facebook page or check database with Network events!

Get Involved!

In addition to being a participant, you can participate at European level as a volunteer, helping to shape the Network & amp; helping the operation of the organization, while at the same time enriching your knowledge (and your CV)! Each member of independent of their experience has the opportunity to be active in an AEGEE Working Group (WG), which deals with a specific topic(ex. Human Rights WG, Environmental WG, International Politics WG, Cultural WG κ.α.) and tries to promote its ideas to the members of AEGEE in collaboration with the various antennas of the Network or the CD of AEGEE-Europe. The most experienced members can apply for any AEGEE European body , from the Summer University Coordination Team to the AEGEE Central Board ( CD) based in Brussels. You can learn more about AEGEE instruments, Working Groups and projects at the AEGEE-Europe official page . If you still want to be active locally visit this link.