What is AEGEE?

AEGEE (European Students’ Forum) is a pan-European youth organization that promotes cooperation, communication and social inclusion of young people in Europe. It is a non-governmental, politically independent, non-profit organization, open to young people and students of all faculties – numbering more than 13,000 members , in 200 campuses , in 40 European countries , making it the largest interdisciplinary student association in Europe!

The main mission of the organization, which was founded in Paris in 1985 , is to promote the idea of ​​a united Europe , without prejudices & amp; the development of a rich European identity. AEGEE Extended Network is the ideal platform for hundreds of young volunteers from 40 European countries to work together in a multitude of actions abroad , from conferences and seminars to cultural exchanges, Summer Universities, Case Studies and Working Groups meetings.


(Areas of action of AEGEE)

With an emphasis on travel, youth mobility, brainstorming and joint projects, AEGEE seeks to bridge national, cultural and social differences and to create a progressive Europe for young people. One of the key features of AEGEE, which makes it unique and ensures its purely European character, is the absence of a nationalist level in its organizational structure . AEGEE is based on the organization and operation of dozens of local branches (antennae) located in various cities across Europe (such as AEGEE-Athina ). The antennas in turn belong to the central Board of Directors of AEGEE (Comité Directeur), which is based in Brussels and is responsible for the external image of the organization and the coordination of the actions of the network.

The main goals of the organization are:

  • promoting a unified Europe without prejudice,
  • the effort to create a more open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow,
  • Strengthening democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross-border cooperation, mobility and the European perspective on education

One of AEGEE’s greatest successes was the creation of the Erasmus program in the 1980s, thanks to the effective lobbying of its founder, Franck Biancheri, who rebuffed the objections of the categorically opposite French President François Mitterrand! The most famous project of AEGEE, the Summer Universities < / a>, are also a pan-European recognized institution of the organization, bringing together thousands of young volunteers every summer for the last 25 years!

AEGEE has a participatory role in the Council of Europe, an advisory role in the United Nations Council, a functional position in the UNESCO Council, and is also a member of the European Youth Forum. It works closely with the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Official website of AEGEE-Europe : www.aegee.org

You just got an idea of ​​how our organization is structured at European level. If you want to be informed about AEGEE-Athina specifically visit this page !