#6 Youth EU Dialogue

Your step to participation

Aegee-Athina would like to inform you how the operation of the Youth Dialogue Facebook page!

We would like to ask for your help and for the help of your members, volunteers and supporters. On Youth Dialogue Facebook page you can find information on youth issues with a source from both the European Commission and the Council of Europe, the UN, UNESCO but also national actions and initiatives. Their goal is to make this page one of the main meeting points of all those who pursue a policy for the youth. Please share the page on your networks and inform your members and friends.

In the framework of the Youth Dialogue, the European Commission has announced a survey supporting the 8th round of the EU Youth Dialogue “SPACE AND PARTICIPATION FOR ALL”.

The questionnaire is at this link! 

Finally, let us inform you that the website of the National Dialogue Group  is now public but without content until today. We estimate that by the end of April 2021 it will be fully operational.